3D Animated Short Film- 9 min - Writer/Director

A Soldier has ordered to kill his enemy in a minute. If he couldn’t find the enemy he will be die by a bomb in his helmet. The Game began…

Script: Mehdi Rajabi
Director: Omid Khoshnazar
Animation: Behzad Rajabi Pour
Character Design: Dariush Bagheri
Executive Producer: Omid Khoshnazar
Sound: Behrooz Shahamat
Composite: Saeed Zare
Edit: Arash Karimi

Original Title: Labyrinth
English Title: Labyrinth
Country of production: Iran
Year of the production: 2007
Format: 35 mm
Duration: 9:20 min
Technique: 3D Computer

-Best Animation in Tehran Animation Festival 2009 (Iran)
-Best Sound Award in Fantoche Animation festival 2007 (Switzerland)
-Best Animation in Mini Film Festival 2007 (UAE)
-Best Sound Award in Iranian Cinema Award- Animation Section 2008 (Iran)
-Best Animation in Shanghai Film Festival 2008 (China)
-Best Digital Artwork award in Tehran international Media Festival 2008 (Iran)


-Leipzig film festival 2007 (Germany)
-Fantoche film festival 2007 (Switzerland)
-Magma film festival 2008 (Italy)
-Exground film festival 2008 (Germany)
-Anima Mundi animation festival 2008 (Brazil)
-Anifest 2008 (Czech Republic)
-Reel world film festival 2006 (Canada)
-Trickfilm festival 2008 (Germany)
-Hong Kong film festival 2008 (Hong Kong)
-Amnesty film festival 2008 (Netherlands)
-Iran Student film festival 2008 (Iran)
-Shanghai film festival 2008 (China)
-Potenza animation festival 2008 (Italy)
-Iranian cinema Awards 2008 (Iran)
-Seoul Film festival 2008 (Korea)
-Sydney Animation festival 2008 (Australia)
-Hiroshima Animation festival 2007 (Japan)
-Melbourne Animation festival 2007 (Australia)
-Animadrid film festival 2008 (Spain)
-Holland Animation film festival 2008(Netherlands)
-Mini Film Festival 2007 (UAE)
-Tehran Short film festival 2007 (Iran)
-Fajr Film festival 2008 (Iran)
-Tehran Animation Festival 2009 (Iran)
-Animateka film festival 2008 (Slovenia)
-Exground Film Fest 2008 (Germany)
-Puchan international Animation festival 2008 (Korea)
-Animafest 2009 (Romania)
43 International film festivals