3D Animated Short Film- 9 min - Writer/Director

Playing a childish war game, a soldier is spending his boring time on top ofa watchtower near a border. There is a radio sound inside the watchtowerthat excites him. Coincidentally, some ants and insects around him, withthe  help  of  sounds  oozing  from  the  radio,  create  the  illusion  of  animaginary enemy in his mind…Parasite- CGI Animation, 8:30 min, Switzerland-Iran Co-Production, 35 mm,2009

Writer and Director: Omid Khoshnazar
Producer: Masoud Safavi (RPCTA Pictures), Jochen Ehmann (HSLU)
Edit: Arash Karimi
Sound: Guido Keller
Character Animation: Behzad Rajabipour
Composite: Adrian Suter
Character Modeling: Majid Esmaeili
Environment Modeling: Alireza Ranjbar Shourabi
Texture and Rendering: Omid Nejadnik
Storyboard: Mehdi Ebrahimkhani
Executive Producer: Jochen Ehmann, Omid Khoshnazar

Original Title: Parasite
English Title: Parasite
Time: 8, 30 min
Dialogue: 3D Computer Animation
Video Format: Digi Bata (Pal)
Sound: Dolby Digital
Screening Format: 35 mm
Screening Ratio: 1:1.66
Year of Production: Dec. 2009
(Switzerland-Iran Production)

-Best Animate Tehran Short film festival 2010 (Iran)
-Best Digital Artwork award in Tehran international Media Festival 2010 (Iran)
-Nominated for the best animate and sound Award in Iranian Cinema Award- Animation Section 2010 (Iran)


- Fantoche film festival 2010 (Switzerland)
- Anima Mundi animation festival 2010 (Brazil)
- Anifest 2010 (Czech Republic)
- Trickfilm festival 2010 (Germany)
- Iranian cinema Awards 2010 (Iran)
- Sydney Animation festival 2010 (Australia)
- Hiroshima Animation festival 2010 (Japan)
- Holland Animation film festival 2010(Netherlands)
- Tehran Short film festival 2010 (Iran)
- Animafest 2010 (Romania)
- Shanghai International Film Festival 2010 (China)
- Singapore Film Festival 2010 (Singapore)
- Monterrey International Film Festival 2010 (Mexico)
- Australian Cinémathèque 2010 (Australia)
- Shnit short film Festival 2010 (Switzerland)
- exground filmfest Wiesbaden 2011 (Germany)
- London International Animation Film Festival 2011 (UK)
- St. Petersburg, Open Cinema International Short and Animation Film Festival 2011 (Russia)
- Buenos Aires, 4th Expo Toons International Animation Festival 2010 (Argentina)
- Puchon, 12th Puchon International Student Animation Festival 2010 (South Korea)
- Utrecht, 14th Holland Animation Film Festival 2010 (Netherlands)
- Bucharest, 5th Anim’est International Animation Film Festival 2010 (Romania)
- Genève 11, 5e Festival international du film d'animation Cinématou 2010 (Switzerland)