3D Animated Short Film- 8 min - Writer/Director

Because of his villain act a soldier is captured in a camera cadre. He killed a man, and the camera wants to take revenge, but…

Writer/Director: Omid Khoshnazar
Producer: Mohammad Fijani
Storyboard: Omid Khoshnazar
Animation: Behzad Rajabipour
Character Design: Alireza Ranjbar Shoorabi
Sound: Behrooz Shahamat

Original Title: Sefr Darajeh
English Title: Zero Degree
Duration: 8 min
Technique: 3D computer Animation
Screening format: 35 mm / mov file
Sound: Stereo
Size: pal.720
Aspect: 1.2.35
Color: Yes
Dialogue: No
Year of Production: 2005

-Best Animation in Bilbao Film Festival - 2005 Spain
-Best Animation in Magma Film Festival - 2005 Italy
-Best Animation in Ibda'a award - 2006 Dubai/UAE
-Best Animation in Iran Cinema Ceremony - 2006 Iran
-Best Animation in Iran Students film Festival - 2006 Iran
-Best Animation in Nuits du Cinema - 2006 Switzerland
-Best Animation in Fantasia film festival - 2006 Canada
-Special mentioned of jury in Seoul film festival - 2006 Korea
-Best Digital animation in London Animation Festival - 2006 UK
-Best Animation in Zimbabwe short film festival - 2006 Zimbabwe
-Best Animation in Mini Film Festival - 2006 UAE
-Best Animation in Tehran short film Festival - 2006 Iran
-Grand prize of 5th International Student film and Photo Festival - 2006 Iran
-Grand Prize in 1st Moghaemat virtual arts festival - 2006 Iran
-Best Script award in 5t Tehran international Animation Festival- 2007 Iran
-Silver prize for Best National Animation in 5t Tehran Int. Animation Festival - 2007 Iran
-Bronze prize for international section in 5t Tehran Int. Animation Festival - 2007 Iran
-Nominee for the best Sound Designing in 5th Tehran Int. Animation Festival - 2007 Iran
-Nominee for the best Movement in 5th Tehran Int. Animation Festival - 2007 Iran
-Nominee for the best short film in 25th International Fajr Film Festival - 2007 Iran
-Nominee for the best Social and educational film of the year in "Pulcinella awards" - 2006 Italy. (Cartoons on the Bay)


Bilbao film festival 2005 (Spain)
Leipzig film festival 2005 (Germany)
London film festival 2005 (UK)
Fantoche film festival 2005 (Switzerland)
Annecy 2006 (France)
Odense film festival 2005 (Denmark)
Hamburg film festival 2005 (Germany)
Human Rights Watch 2005 (USA)
Magma film festival 2005 (Italy)
Exground film festival 2005 (Germany)
Imagineria film festival 2005 (Italy)
Anima Mundi animation festival 2005 (Brazil)
Leeds Animation festival 2005 (UK)
Anonimual film festival 2005 (Romania)
Orense short film festival 2005(Spain)
Sopot film festival 2005 (Poland)
British Animation Awards 2006 (UK)
Brad ford film festival 2006 (UK)
Friburg film festival 2006 (Switzerland)
Roof top film festival 2006 (USA)
Animated Exeter  2006 (UK)
Cartoons on the bay 2006 (Italy)
Ani fest 2006 (Czech Republic)
Rome film festival 2006 (Italy)
Mid Ulster film festival  2006 (UK)
Best of shorts  film festival 2006(France)
Ofenciva film festival 2006 (Poland)
Reel world film festival 2006 (Canada)
Trick  film festival 2006 (Germany)
Int. week of fantastic films 2006 (Spain)
Portobello film festival 2005(Pottugal)
Cinemamare 2006 (Italy)
Hong Kong film festival 2006 (Hong Kong)
Almeira en corto film festival 2006 (Spain)
Amnesty film festival 2006 (Netherlands)
FICC film festival 2006 (Portugal)
Nuits Du Cinema 2006 (Switzerland)
Ibda Awards 2006 (UAE)
Almeria en Corto 2006 (Spain)
End of the pire 2006 (UK)
Lenola film festival 2006 (Italy)
Iran Student film festival 2006 (Iran)
Message to man film festival 2006 (Russia)
Seoul Film festival 2006 (Korea)
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Australian Animation Festival 2006 (Australia)
Multivision film festival 2006 (Russia)
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Hiroshima Animation festival 2006 (Japan)
Montreal film festival 2006 (Canada)
Melborn Animation festival 2006 (Australia)
Awn Animation Showcase 2006 (USA)
Animadrid film festival 2006 (Spain )
Milano film festival 2006(Italy)
Valley film festival 2006(USA)
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Sanfransisco Animation showcase 2006 (USA)
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Amsterdam animation showcase 2006(Netherlands)
Zimbabwe short film festival 2006 (Zimbabwe)
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Moghavemat visoual Arts Festival (Iran)
Student film festival 2006 (Iran)
The 29th San Roque International Short film Week 2007 (Spain)
Rotterdam film festival 2007 (Netherlands)
Fajr Film festival 2007 (Iran)
Tehran Animation Festival 2007(Iran)
Police film Festival 2007 (Iran)
Portable Film Festival 2007 (Austoralia)
Short Short Film Festival 2007 (Japan)
ANIMABASAURI3 2007 (Spain)
Animboom Animation festival2007 (USA)
East End film festival 2007 (Uk)
Salento Finibus Terrae Film Festival 2007 (Italy)
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